Click to make right decisions

Click to make right decisions

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Click to reduce cost

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Click to have peace of mind

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                      Supplier Tracker     

  • Helps track supplier performanceProvides trends for each ingredient price over time
  • Tracks purchase behavior of the restaurant

                          Menu Cost Analyzer

  • Tracks and provides the impact of ingredients price change on menu items.
  • Alerts when profitability of menu item goes below certain threshold limit.
  • Tracks and provides real-time profitability of menu items.




                       Real-time Profit &Loss

  • Alerts when costs surpasses a threshold level for day/week/month
  • Provides real-time Profit & Loss statement
  • Tracks costs on daily basis


                      Wastage Monitoring

  • Monitors wastage and captures the trend
  • Provides analysis on kinds and source of wastage


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