Pepr turns restaurant owners into cost reduction experts by enabling impactful, prioritized data-driven decisions through a simple 3-click process. The software automatically links with POS systems, supplier invoicing, inventory, and other data sources in the restaurant to ensure there is no effort on the management side. This also ensures high data accuracy.

On average, Pepr increases profits by 8% and reduces operation times by 80% using data intelligence and automation. 



Cost Reduction

  • Cost saving recommendations

  • Improved menu margins

  • Reduced wastage

time savings.jpg

Effort Reduction

  • Streamlined operation workflows

  • Automatic inventory and weekly P&L generation

  • Reduced time spent by 80%


Real-time Tracking

  • Increased control & transparency

  • Tracks real-time profits and other KPIs for food, liquor, & labor at an enterprise level