Become a cost reduction expert

Pepr enables individual, group owned, and small chain restaurants to increase their profits by reducing operating costs using data intelligence and automation.

It is the first management solution to enable a restaurateur to easily and efficiently manage their operations, providing complete visibility to the multiple processes that impact profitability.

Focus on what matters

Using Pepr, you can check all the boxes that are important to the success of your business. This means less time spent on bookkeeping and back-of-house operations, so you and your chefs can focus on creating great food and interacting with customers. A win for you, and a win for your guests.

What our customers are saying...

With the Pepr solution, my margins are clear and I know my cost targets. I’m now much more confident in my business decisions as a result.
— Valerie (Owner, Biggies)
I was getting killed on my food costs. With Pepr I corrected those menu errors, and now I make more money.
— Joel (Owner, Theory Sports Lounge)

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