Become a cost reduction expert.

pepr™ enables individual, group owned, and small chain restaurants to increase their profits by reducing operating costs. 

Our software turns restaurant owners into cost reduction experts by enabling impactful and prioritized data-driven decisions through a simple 3-click process. By using the Pepr solution, our customers have added an average of 8% to their bottom line.

Key Benefits

  1. Cost saving recommendations: Improve profits by 8%
  2. Automating operational workflows: Reduce time spent by 80% 
  3. Increase Control: Track real-time Profits & Other KPI's for food, liquor, and labor

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“I was getting killed on my food costs. With Pepr I corrected those menu errors, and now I make more money.”
-Joel (Owner, Theory Sports Lounge)
“With the Pepr solution, my margins are clear and I know my cost targets. I’m now much more confident in my business decisions as a result.”
-Valerie (Owner, Biggies)

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